Prescription Policy

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Prescription Policy

Thank you for continuing to support Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond. Due to the influx in phone calls, emails, refill requests, extended wait times with outside pharmacies, etc. effective June 1, 2022, we will no longer be directly communicating with outside pharmacies in order to allow our staff to use their time to meet client and patient needs.  This means we will no longer be accepting fax refill requests or calling in medications to outside pharmacies. We wanted to give 6 months’ notice of the policy change to allow ample time to plan for future refills so you have time to select the best option for your needs without missing any refills.

Our prices have been adjusted to be competitive with online pharmacies.

Options for certain prescriptions (allergens are excluded) include :

  • Having the prescription (medications/food) filled here for pick up.
  • Having us ship medications to you.
  • Using our new online pharmacy to have medications/food shipped to you.
  • Picking up or mailing a written prescription to have filled at the pharmacy of your choice (brick and mortar or online).

This not only helps support our small, locally owned business but allows staff members to spend their time with clients to ensure the best quality of care for our patients.  By using our online pharmacy, all items come directly from the manufacturer, so it has been handed, stored, and packaged in compliance with manufacturer guidelines which avoids counterfeit products that have occurred with other online pharmacies. It also reduces the time required for refills (waiting for fax refill requests to arrive, be approved, returned, and documented). Most importantly, we can ensure this is the proper medication, dose, and product directly from the manufacturer that is trusted and recommended by Dr. Williamson and Dr. Shumaker.

We have direct access to the pharmacy to approve requests when you submit them. We can also log into the website directly to help with your order, access your cart to help select the correct product, place refills, and help discuss options, etc. This enables medications to be approved faster, more efficiently, and correctly, and allows us to spend more time on completing your pet’s records and ensuring accuracy.

To sign up for our online pharmacy, please visit our website at and click on the blue button “shop online”, you will then register as a client and be able to order topicals, food, medications, etc. Food ships free, auto-ship orders ship free, and any order over $49 ships free. Shipping time is typically 3-5 business days.

Thank you for shopping locally and for your understanding as we strive to ensure the best quality of care for our clients and patients.

The entire team at Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond thanks you for your cooperation in this transition.