Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond

We offer compassionate and specialized veterinary dermatology care while increasing the knowledge of our referring veterinarians and clients.

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About Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond

Our mission is to improve the quality of our patient’s lives by offering compassionate and specialized dermatology care. Dr. Nicola Williamson and Dr. Amy Shumaker, board-certified veterinary dermatologists, have advanced training and expertise in the management of skin and ear disease.

Veterinary Dermatology Services

We can discuss and offer a variety of treatment options for most of the skin disorders animals are susceptible to. Our diagnostic tests rule out other factors that are bothering your pet, be it allergies, mites, mange, skin cancer, or a reaction to a drug.

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Allergy Testing

Our allergy skin testing checks how your pet’s skin reacts to allergens in the environment.

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Ear Disease

Prevent ear diseases in pets with expert guidance from our caring veterinarians.

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Chronic Skin Disorders

Our team is highly experienced in identifying and effectively handling long-term skin issues.

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Diagnostic Testing

We offer in-clinic diagnostic testing to determine what infections are present. The results of the tests help direct appropriate medical treatment.

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