Diagnostic Testing

Why do we do these tests?

Diagnostic tests are important in determining what infections are present. The results of the tests help direct appropriate medical treatment.

Diagnostic Testing Performed

Skin scraping for mites

Skin and Ear Cytology – microscopic examination of skin lesions

Skin Scraping for Mites
diagnosing and identifying mites in skin conditions.

Intradermal skin testing & Immunotherapy

Intradermal Skin Testing & Immunotherapy – injections or sublingual drops

Hair Examinations for Mange and Ringworm

Cultures for bacterial and fungal infections

Cultures for Bacterial and Fungal Infections – diagnosing and treating infections in pets effectively

blood work machine

Bloodwork – diagnosing illness, monitoring health, and assessing treatment effectiveness in animals

Skin biopsies for dermatohistopathology

Skin Biopsies for Dermatohistopathology – determine skin conditions for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Video otoscopy

Video Otoscopy – detailed ear examination, diagnosis, and treatment for pets.