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What to Expect

Prior to your first appointment:

  • Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond will contact your referring veterinarian and any other veterinarians that have treated your pet in the last 3 years for a current medical history. This allows us to establish communication with your regular veterinarian and in some cases alleviates the burden of running duplicate tests. Dr. Williamson will review these records prior to your appointment.

How to prepare for your first appointment:

  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment so that we may verify that all pertinent information is received for your appointment.


  • Please bring all medications and shampoos that you have, even if your pet is not currently using them, in case Dr. Williamson would like to fill medications. This is so we do not duplicate what you already have at home.


  • If your pet is a dog, we will need a urine sample. Please collect a sample at home within 24 hours of your appointment, keep it in the refrigerator, and bring it with you.You can use a clean, shallow bowl or container to collect the urine. (You can tape a ruler or spatula to the bottom of the bowl to make a handle for it. For  a male dog, simply slide the bowl under his stream of urine. For a female dog, stand behind her and slide the bowl under her as she squats.


  • Please DO NOT bathe your pet for at least a week prior to your appointment.


  • Please do not apply any medications to your pet’s skin or into their ears for 24 to 48 hours prior to your appointment.


  • Bring in your pet’s current diet and ingredient labels for Dr. Williamson to review.


  • Please withhold your pet’s food for 12 hours prior to the appointment and do not give your pet water after you leave to come to your appointment.

During your first appointment:

  • We pride ourselves in providing  the highest quality care for each owner and pet. During the course of your appointment, we will take the time to fully explain your pet’s diagnosis, and perform any necessary therapeutic procedures or treatments. We look to ensure that all of your questions are completely answered.


  • The initial consultation will approximately last for 1 hour. If Dr. Williamson needs to perform additional diagnostic tests, we may have you leave your pet here for 3 – 4 hours.


  • The initial consultation is $130. Generally, the initial visit averages $300 to $900. Cost may vary based on the size of the pet, the severity of your pet’s condition, and any diagnostic tests that Dr. Williamson recommends. We can provide an estimate, but please understand that we are unable to provide an accurate estimate without first examining your pet at Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond first. The initial visit is typically the most costly.


  • Based on your pet’s exam, further diagnostics, including a skin scrape or cytology, may be recommended and performed.


  • Dr. Williamson will provide you with a detailed written patient report of her findings. It will include a diagnosis, a list of the diagnostic tests performed, any medication prescribed, and her treatment recommendations. We will also fax or email a copy of the patient report and all lab work to the referring veterinarian.


We look forward to seeing you for your appointment and don’t hesitate to call with any questions or concerns. Thank you!

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