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Another vet recommended I take Posie in to see Dr. Williamson and she was able to correctly diagnose her. Dr. Williamson has walked a long road of ups and downs with us, finding new ways to treat her when she has set backs. I can’t say enough about Dr. Williamson and the wonderful tech and staff. Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond is the finest hospital I have ever been to. Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond, next to Posie, is the greatest blessing in my life.

Tudie & Posie Davenport


When my dachshund Lola was first diagnosed with allergies I was expecting runny nose/eyes, skin disorders and a dose of Benadryl.  I did not know severe allergies can play a big role in digestive disorders and severe inflammation.  After six years of battling allergy symptoms Lola ended up at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital with Inflammatory Bowel Disease with ulcerative colitis and inflammation so bad it affected the disks in her spine.  After getting her colitis and the inflammation under control, it was recommended by her Internal Medicine physician that Lola see Dr. Nicola Williamson of Veterinary Dermatology of Richmond.

Lola had seen Dr. Williamson as a puppy and was helped greatly by her recommendation of fish oil and a custom made diet.  After seeing Dr. Williamson a second time
I was just as impressed as the first.  Understanding Lola has extreme sensitivity to most everything and a poor immune system, Dr. Williamson was very cautious in her treatment and worked with Lola’s IM Doctor to come up with a plan so as not to disturb what was already in place.  Her compassion and commitment to helping her patients is very evident the first time you meet Dr. Williamson.  She understands your companion animal is not just a pet but a family member.  As of today, Lola is doing really well and back to her playful self!  Lola will always battle allergies but, with Dr. Williamson treating her, I know she is in good hands!  Our thanks to you Dr. Williamson and to your kind and attentive staff!
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Cheryl and Jerry Lumsden