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Our Partners


our partners



Bush Advanced Veterinary Imaging provides on-site MRI at three locations in Virginia and knows the importance of imaging and the impact it can have on the lives of our patients. Their team of experts provides advanced diagnostics to Dogwood specialists and their patients. To learn more about our on-site MRI services, please click here.



Bush Veterinary Neurology Service provides veterinary neurology and neurosurgery to hundreds of patients in Virginia each year. This group is one of the largest veterinary neurology practices in the country and a true leader in their field. To learn more about their on-site Neurology/Neurosurgery services, please click here.



Chesapeake Veterinary Cardiology Associates provides veterinary cardiology at eight area locations. CVCA is the clear leader in veterinary cardiology in the mid-Atlantic region and has Richmond’s only veterinary cardiologist. To learn more about their cardiology services, please click here.



Dogwood Veterinary Emergency provides 24-hour emergency care for patients as well as support for specialty cases that require overnight care; this new service is helmed by experienced veterinary doctors you already know and trust.



Dogwood Veterinary Internal Medicine provides internal medicine service to their patients and is dedicated to providing thorough acute care coupled with the long-term support each internal medicine patient and client needs. To learn more about their internal medicine services, please click here.



Four Paws Holistic Medicine Their goal is to provide progressive, thorough, and thoughtful holistic medical care for their patients as well as professional advice for their clients. Treatment protocols are patient specific, with emphasis placed on quality of life. We see anything with fur that fits through our doors. To learn more about their holistic medicine services, please click here.



The Oncology Service provides veterinary oncology care to patients in Washington, DC and Virginia. They strive to provide customized treatment options for patients while maintaining strong lines of communication and clarity with the primary care veterinarian and client. To learn more about their oncology services, please click here.



Radiocat provides treatment for feline hyperthyroidism through the use of radioiodine therapy and is the worldwide leader in this cutting-edge treatment option. Radiocat has 15 nationwide locations and has treated over 50,000 cases of feline hyperthyroidism (with a 98-99% success rate) with just a single injection. To learn more about their radioiodine therapy for feline hyperthyroidism, please click here.



Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates has provided veterinary surgical services to the Richmond area since 2002 and its surgeons are well-known and respected experts in their field. To learn more about their surgery service, please click here.